Sports Bet Review (NFL Week 16, 2020) / BET-A-PALOOZA

BET-A-PALOOZA sponsored by several inebriated Zoom calls. Oh the Holidays. The record for this week has blown up, but the luls/memories are worth the sting.

  1. W – BKN -7 @ GSW (-110)
  2. L – LAL-2.5 vs. LAC (-110)
  3. W – BYU-6 @ UCF (-115)
  4. W – WAS +7.5 @ PHI (-110)
  5. L – MIA -4.5 @ ORL (-110)
  6. L – MIL -3.5 @ BOS (-110)
  7. L – SAC @ DEN U226.5 (-110)
  8. W – UTA +.5 First Quarter @ POR (+100)
  9. L – DAL +1 @ PHX (-110)
  10. W – NO @ MIA U223.5 (-110, Half-Unit)
  11. L – GSW @ MIL U232 (-110, Half-Unit)
  12. W – BKN @ BOS U227.5 (-110, Half-Unit)
  13. L – DAL @ LAL U227.5 (-110, Half-Unit)
  14. L – LAC @ DEN U225.5 (-110, Half-Unit)
  15. W – BKN -3 @ BOS (-105)
  16. L – NO -1 vs. MIN / AZ -1 vs. SF (-110)
  17. W – MIA @ LV O47.5 (-110)
  18. L – POR -7.5 vs. HOU (-110)
  19. L – BAL -2.5 2H @ NYG (-125)
    Nothing like a hitting the kicker penalty and a fumble on the 3 yard line. Thank you sloppy Ravens second half. I’ll consider this a bad beat.
  20. L – CLE -1 @ NYJ / IND +8 @ PIT (-110)
  21. W – PHI @ DAL 1Q Over 9.5 (-125)
    I felt like the Eagles and Jalen Hurts could get this alone (and they did). This was hit comfortably about halfway through the first quarter.
  22. L – MIL -.5 vs. GSW / PHI -.5 @ DAL (-102)
  23. L – PHI -1.5 @ DAL (-110)
  24. W – TB -2 vs. DET / CHI -1.5 @ JAX (-110)
  25. L – CLE -3 @ NYJ / MIA +3.5 @ LV (-120)
  26. L – IND -1.5 @ PIT (-110)
    A very sad second half for the Colts after dominating the first half. Capped off by Phillip Rivers interceptions.
  27. L – LAR @ SEA O47 (-110)
  28. W – SEA -1 vs. LAR (-115)
  29. L – WAS -1 vs. CAR (-110)
  30. L – Derrick Henry to Rush Over 1.5 TDs (+250)
  31. L – TEN +3.5 @ GB (-115)
  32. L – BAL-.5 @ NYG / CLE +.5 @ NYJ KC -.5 vs. ATL (-130)
  33. L – CLE -3 @ NYJ / BUF -.5 @ NE (-110)
  34. L – TB -.5 @ DET /AZ -.5 vs. SF /CHI-.5 @ JAX / BUF -.5 @ NE (+192, Half-Unit)
  35. L – TEN +9.5 @ GB / BUF -1 @ NE (-110)
  36. L – TEN @ GB U52.5 (-110)
    Silly me thinking snow would slow down offenses a bit.
  37. W- Aaron Jones Over 73.5 Rushing Yards (-120)
  38. W – Ryan Tannehill Over 13.5 Rushing Yards (-115)

    The Browns loss really anchored a terrible Sunday performance this week. Beyond that, the Colts fall apart and bad live bets cost us plenty this holiday weekend. We’ll have to focus up next week and get back on track. This week: 12 – 23 Overall this season: 108.5-95.5-3.

Sports Bet Preview (NFL Week 16, 2020)

Sorry for the wonky formatting / brief note. It’s been a whirlwind of a Holiday season, but I’ll be back on Sunday/Monday to review these per usual.

There’s a couple NCAAF and many NBA bets above. I’m still most into traditional NFL bets but I may be sprinkling in some other sports moving forward (especially once the NFL season concludes).

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sports Bet Preview (NFL Week 15, 2020)

  1. W – LAC +3 @ LV (-105)
    A couple Thursday night bets to kick-off this weekend full of Football. In the culmination of divisional shenanigans and Thursday Night Football sloppiness, the Chargers produced an outstanding overtime period for us. In a way, the misses from Michael Badgley perfectly set up a game winning scenario. Honarable mention to the Raiders paper-thin defense for enabling a rookie quarterback down his top two receivers. It’s fitting that the Chargers first divisional win in ten matchups basically knocks the Raiders out of the playoff race.
  2. W – Josh Jacobs to Outrush Austin Ekeler by Over-6.5 @ LAC (-115)
    A long run by Ekeler on the Chargers final drive of regulation looked to put this one out of reach for us. However, thanks to the aforementioned special teams faux pas the overtime period allowed for Jacobs to gain around 20 additional yards rushing. On the flipside, the Chargers relied on their receivers to carry them through the extra period. Thank you to the Raiders inept secondary for closing this bet for us.
  1. BUF -.5 @ DEN /IND -1 vs. HOU (-110)
  2. GB -2 vs. CAR / TB 0 @ ATL (-110)
  3. JAX +19.5 @ BAL / NE +8 @ MIA (-110)
  4. SEA -5.5 @ WAS (-105)
  5. WAS +6 vs. SEA (-110)
  6. KC -3 @ NO (-110)
  7. PIT -13 @ CIN (+100)

Sports Bet Review (NFL Week 13, 2020)

  1. W – IND -3 @ HOU (-105)
    This one came down to the wire, but the Colts were able to force a turnover late and secure this game. Almost every game came down to the waning moments in the early block, but this one was a quicker resolution. The Colts somehow barely squeak out close wins against teams playing for a high draft pick. The AFC South will be sending the most puzzling of representatives to the playoffs this year.
  2. W – CLE +6 @ TEN (-110)
    Cleveland covered very early, with the entire second half basically being garbage time. I’m usually not on the right side of these bets, so this was nice and refreshing. Baker finally earned those endorsements, and was rewarded with praise and a second half acting as a ball shelf for the Browns’ running backs.
  3. W – CLE @ TEN Over 24.5 Second Half (-110, Live Bet)
    I went from thinking this was a lock with eight minutes remaining in the third quarter, to sweating it out until the doldrums of garbage time with seconds on the clock. Thank you to the Browns to fumbling on a fourth and one when they clearly had dinner, or other thoughts past the blowout game in mind.
  4. W – LV@ NYJ -1.5 / MIN -3 @ JAX (-120)
    A half-win but we’ll count it. That’s why you buy down to three instead of counting on the Vikings to somehow beat a one-win Jags team by more than a field goal. Yeesh, double-digit favorites seems like a far cry from reality in hindsight. The Raiders made it even tighter, but the Jets displaying the most graceful of tanks, waiting until the final seconds to allow the Raiders to reclaim the lead and steal the win.
  5. WSEA vs. NYG under 47.5 (-110)
    A five point first half had this looking tasty going into halftime. In fact, the five points should’ve been three if it wasn’t for the Giants punting unit. In the second half, the Seahawks failed to produce much of anything, and New York was able to score on an unsuspecting Seahawks unit. This was the exact recipe we needed to secure this bet, and it never really felt in doubt. At this point, betting on Seattle playing ridiculous games is a solid strategy. Throw logic and reason out the window with this Seattle team.
  6. W – LAR -3 @ AZ (-110)
    Other than the Raiders game, this was the clencher of the day. A very back and forth game that started with a poor omen, the busted play for an easy TD for the Cardinals. Kyler Murray is either seeing ghosts, has an injured shoulder, or both, as he basically gave this game away off of his errant passes.
  7. W – LV @ NYJ -1 / GB -2.5 vs. PHI (-120)
    Green bay held up their end of the bargain, beating the Eagles who have lost their grip on the NFC East. The Packers are able to routinely beat up on mediocre/hobbled teams. However, they fail to put teams away. Even worse, they’ve yet to secure a marquee win worthy of true a true Super Bowl contender. If this game really showed anything, it’s that the Eagles need to take a hard look at themselves in the offseason. Hopefully, it’s without Doug Pederson.
  8. W – LV @ NYJ -1.5 / NE + 8 @ LAC ( -110)
    Now I thought that the Patriots would win a close sloppy game due to a decisive coaching edge (and despite a talent disparity). However, this game was a lost cause for the Chargers from the first quarter. The Patriots took control of the game in the first half by taking advantage of every opportunity they were given. In the second half, they clamped down, and won the game outright by a very comfortable margin.
  9. L – TEN 0 vs. CLE / SEA -4 vs. NYG (-110)
    The Titans were nowhere near winning this game. Aside from a .01 percent chance with 13 seconds remaining pre-kickoff. The Titans are certainly paper tigers in my view with regards to AFC contention. We took a big bath here to use accounting terms, as the Seahawks lost outright. The good news is we isolated the losing to this one bet.
  10. W – Patrick Mahomes Longest Pass to be Over 42.5 Yards (+100, Half-Unit)
    Divisional games are always a little off, but this one started especially off, with the Broncos going into halftime with a lead. The Chiefs weren’t getting too many long looks, and a terrible holding call robbed what would’ve been a Tyreek Hill backflip sealing touchdown catch over the 42.5 yards. After that point, the game clock pushed the Chiefs towards a Patriots-esque control style offense. Accurate throws and ball control with a lead at this stage in the game kept the Chiefs in the picture for a playoff bye. However, it cost us this bet.
  11. W – Patrick Mahomes Over 15.5 Rushing Yards (-130, Half-Unit)
    This one hit early in the first half as the Chiefs failing to find their offensive footing resulted in some improvised rushing yards for Mahomes.
  12. ?GB -2.5 vs. PHI / BUF +7 @ SF (-110)
    Green Bay held up their end of the bargain. We’ll see if Buffalo takes the 49ers seriously enough to cover this game, and our bet.

This puts as at 8.5-1.5 for the week, with one more bet pending. Overall for the year, we’re at 78.5-61-2.