Sports Bet Review (NFL Week 14, 2020)

  1. L – DAL +3 @ CIN / NYG +8.5 vs. AZ (-110)
    Giants didn’t show up to play, and the Cardinals got their get-right game. I think Daniel Jones return actually disrupted the Giants momentum, and the loss was momentous. Dallas easily covered given the talent disparity between the teams. I should’ve trusted my gut and taken Cowboys straight up.
  2. W – TEN -1.5 @ JAX / KC -1.5 @ MIA (-110)
    Two playoff bound teams against teams they should beat if they are truly contenders. The Chiefs continued to toy with their opponents, and not truly put away the game until much later than seems reasonable. However, the suspense was rewarded with an early win.
  3. WGB -1.5 @ DET / CHI +8 @ vs. HOU (-110)
    Chicago covered their side of the bet handily, destroying a Texans team that lacked playmaking on the offensive end of the ball. The Lions activated divisional shenanigan in the first half, but have that tendency to fall apart after a competent first half. The Packers really picked things up, and despite the opportunities presented to the Lions, they couldn’t convert.
  4. L – NO -1 @ PHI / TB -.5 vs. MIN (-110)
    Tampa kept it somewhat close, but ultimately pulled off the win at home against a streaky Vikings team.
  5. L – GB @ DET -1.5 / NO -1 @ PHI (-110)
    A combo of the above, I felt confident about both. This is what I get for underestimating… Jalen Hurts. Safe bets aren’t so safe after all. I’ll be more weary of stacking bets moving forward.
  6. L – ATL -2.5 @ LAC (-115)
    This line went all the way up to Atlanta +2.5 with a brief moment at a pick’em. I’m flummoxed to what impacted this line so significantly over the weekend, but my early week bet was looking detrimental. Matt Ryan threw away this game, as inching forward and hitting a field goal would’ve sealed the game. However, a late interception and the Chargers somehow not ending in their typical cursed fashion lost this bet. There’s some cold comfort here, as even at +2.5 this bet still would’ve lost.
  7. W – LV vs. IND Over 51.5 (-110)
    Aside from one end zone turnover, the first half looked promising for this bet. The Colts have unlocked Jonathan Taylor (by actually putting him into the game) and Rivers’ risk has been mitigated with the strong run game. A great combination of developing offense and continued defensive ineptitude lead to an easy over.
  8. W – SF First Quarter -0.5 vs. WAS (+120)
    My thought here was that this would be a defense focused game script. However, I trusted Kyle Shannahan’s scripted offensive plays at the start of the game to get something going early. While I don’t believe this start will dictate the ending of the game, my gut turned out to be correct on this one.
  9. W – WAS -.5 @ SF (+130, Half-Unit)
    Even though the first quarter ended with zero points for Washington, their offense showed their talent in the second quarter. A handful of turnovers and brilliant play from Chase young led to 13 unanswered Washington points. From there, the defenses really dominated this game and the Washington Football team put themselves in first place of their division.
  10. ? – CLE +7 vs. BAL / BUF +3.5 vs. PIT (-110)

With one bet still pending, we end the week at 5.5-4. On top of this, we have to give ourselves credit for the Bills closing our teaser on Monday Night Football last week. For the season, this puts us at 85-65-2.

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