Sports Bet Preview (NFL Week 12, 2020)

  1. W – HOU -3 @ DET (-110)
    I had absolutely zero faith in the Lions in this game. Between a pitiful defense with key injuries, Matt Patricia somehow being a worse coach than Romeo Crennel, and Kenny Galloday’s continued absence, this became an easy call. The Lions somehow always manage to mess things up, and Thanksgiving was no different. An easy win for the Texans.

    Ironically, this win pushes Houston down the draft board, which likely hurts the team long term.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. L – Deshaun Watson Over 33.5 Rushing Yards (-120, Half-Unit)
    I swear Watson had over 34 rushing yards at some point in this game. Not sure if I just misread my phone in the second half (yes, I left once this game became too painful to watch), but this one felt like a bad beat. Please let me know if you know how this bet was blown (or if Watson just never rushed over 33.5 yards to begin with and I was seeing mirages).
  3. L – Terry McLaurin to Score a TD (+125, Half-Unit)
    Antonio Gibson feasted on the Cowboys woeful defense. This meant that McLaurin didn’t really need to be featured to win this game. In fact, there was only one receiving touchdown (to the tight end in classic Alex Smith fashion). While McLaurin was Washington’s receiving leader, he wasn’t needed much, nor did he score to close this bet. Congratulations to the NFC East leading Washington Football Team who improved to four wins on Thanksgiving.

    With the Thanksgiving slate complete due to a COVID infested Baltimore team, our current record stands at 63-53.5-2 

Onto my wagers for a surprisingly good looking remaining slate:

  1. AZ @ NE Over 49.5 Points (-110)
  2. CAR +3.5 @ MIN (-110)
  3. LV -3 @ ATL (-115)
  4. LV @ ATL Over 53.5 Points (-110)
  5. NYG -.5 @ CIN / BUF -.5 vs. LAC (-110)
  6. CLE -1 @ JAX / LAR -.5 vs. SF (-110)
  7. CLE 0 @ JAX / GB -2.5 vs. CHI (-110)
  8. GB -2.5 vs. CHI / MIA -1 @ NYJ (-110)
  9. MIA -.5 @ NYJ / SEA +.5 @ PHI (-110)
  10. NO -.5 @ DEN / TEN @ IND Over 46.5 Points (-110)

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