Sports Bet Preview (NFL Week 9, 2020)

  1. Aaron Rodgers to Pass for Over 2.5 Touchdowns (+150, Half-Unit)
    As a 49ers fan, I know how this secondary hasn’t been particularly stout this year. Further, the COVID impact in addition to existing injuries further depleted this team. As such, I was fairly confident Rodgers would have a good night, but he covered this bet in the first half. I kicked myself for not also taking his longest-yard pass over 39.5 yards prop bet after taking a hard look at that one as well.

    This brings our record to 49.5-33.5-2 on the year. Onto Sunday’s bets: 

  1. NYG +3 @ WAS (-110)
    Close, gross, and sloppy teams in a sloppy divisional matchup. I take the points and run.
  2. CHI +5.5 @ TEN (-110)
    I don’t think the Titans are that great on defense, and it’s a defense that the Bears can score on via short passes + YAC against blown coverages. Five and a half points felt safe in what I thought would be a close Titans win, however, the line has moved a point against my wager since it was placed.
  3. NO +11.5 @ TB / HOU-.5 @ JAX (-110)
    The Saints should be returning Michael Thomas against a very streaky Tampa Bay Team. I’m somewhat worried by the return of Antonio Brown, but I’m thinking this will be a game the Saints will come out and try to control.
    In terms of the Texans, they have no incentive to tank, and are playing a rookie backup quarterback. Hopefully the Jaguars don’t out tank themselves in this one.
  4. KC -4.5 vs. CAR / TEN+.5 vs. CHI (-110)
    The Chiefs are very good, the Panthers defense is not. I like the Chiefs winning by five or more. I think the Titans game will be close (perhaps a tie?!) so trying to play the middle here on a team very similar to the Seahawks where we hit a couple weeks back.
  5. SEA +3.5 @ BUF / NE -1 @ NYJ (-110)
    Seattle doesn’t play normal games, but I think they’ll play close against the Bills. As bad as the Pats have played, they can’t lose to the Jets right?

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