Sports Bet Review (NFL Week 6, 2020)

Not the best week by any means, I was was allured by early lines on what ended up to be very obvious trap games that sharps picked up throughout the week. This week could’ve been much worse depending on how I paired teasers, and this will act as a lesson to be more thoughtful with how I put those together next week:

  1. L – GB -1.5 @ TB (-115)
    This was the biggest trap game of the week, with Fox setting up the undefeated Aaron Rodgers and the Packers against the Tompa Bay Bucs. While the game started as planned for the Packers with ten quick points, Rodgers decided to celebrate with an ephemeral pelvic thrust, clearly losing the favor of the football gods in one motion. From there, Tampa scored 38 unanswered points as the Packers offense failed to generate much of anything. The Packers pass rush looked anemic, and the offense is devoid of talent when Adams (and to an extent Robert Tonyan) isn’t on the field.
  2. L – CLE +3.5 @ PIT (-110)
    I regretted this one early on in the week. The more I saw news about Bakers ribs, and the amount of buzz in Pittsburgh in regards to a Myles Garrett revenge narrative, I knew this wouldn’t be a game where the Steelers played down to their opposition. This game got out of hand within the first quarter, and was an easy add to the loss column early on.
  3. W – HOU @ TEN -3 (-125)
    This was a win in butt-clenching fashion after an excellent first quarter. The Texans have plenty of fight in them, but their coaching holds back an otherwise talented roster. The Titans pulled off some late game heroics, and King Derrick Henry reigned over the overtime period with conviction.
  4. L – NE -2 vs. DEN / DAL +7 (-110)
    Scam Newton strikes again, failing to move the ball against a Denver defense that has been inconsistent this year. The Patriots were able to contain the Broncos offense, holding them to six field goals (what a day for Brandon McManus fantasy owners!) but the lack of any offense sunk this bet. Get well soon Cam.

    The absolute worst part of this bet is that I made it while on a flight. For whatever reason, I thought this was really cool, but it was also impulsive. I’m glad that I’ll no longer have this curiosity in my life.
  5. W – BAL -1.5 @ PHI / MIA @ NYJ -2.5 (-110)
    Another tight game in Baltimore coming down to a stop on a two point conversion. While Baltimore still could’ve sealed the deal in OT, I’m glad they were able to close it out in regulation and save me some grief. The Jets are just in a tier of their own in terms of poor play, and even when their defense forced a couple turnovers, Flacco couldn’t generate any points. An easy win, and I regret only taking the fish in a tease.
  6. W – SF +9 vs. LAR / KC +1.5 @ BUF (-110)
    The 49ers got their get right game, and the Rams were contained for the entire game. The scheming was the magic here, with quick passes largely nullifying Aaron Donald. San Francisco struggled in the second half, which makes me nervous to bet on them moving forward, especially with their remaining schedule being the toughest remaining.
    Kansas City and Buffalo had a fairly messy game in the rain. However, the Chiefs managed just enough magic to make this one exciting, but the result was never in doubt.
  7. W – Kyler Murray to Rush Over 42.5 Yards (-120)
    Murray rushed early and often and easily covered this bet.
  8. L – Kyler Murray to Complete Over 26.5 Passes (+100, Half Unit)
    I suppose Murray just didn’t have to pass in this game to win. However, 9/24 isn’t becoming of a franchise quarterback against a battered defense.

Overall for the week, we ended down a bit at 4-4.5 which brings us to a season total of 33.5-28-1.

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