Sports Bet Preview (NFL Week 6, 2020)

I’m going on bit of a vacation this week, so no full writeup. However, I didn’t want to leave y’all completely hanging so see above for my picks. I’ll aim to review them on Monday. We do have one bet to review though:

W – NO (-1.5) vs. LAC / SEA (-1) vs. MIN (-110)
This one did not look promising. With Seattle barely pulling out a win, combined with our subpar line, led us to a push on half of this teaser. New Orleans looked to be on the road to handing a rookie QB on a one-win-team a victory on Monday night. Luckily, the curse of the Chargers bore it’s ugly head and they missed a game-winning field goal in regulation. From there, the Saints were able to win the coin-toss and march down field against an exhausted Chargers defense. A great half-win to end Week Five.

Overall record: 29.5-23.5-1

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