Sports Bet Review (NBA – Week of Dec. 23, 2019)

1) BKN SU vs. NYK, OKC SU vs. MEM, DAL SU vs. SAS (+142)The Nets really need their stars back as they feel to the Knicks in a game where nothing worked for Brooklyn. None of their pieces were efficient, and they allowed Julius Randle to take over the game.

OKC was on a bit of a hot streak, however, Memphis came out strong at the start of each half getting great play from Valanciunas and Brandon Clarke. Hot streaks meditated on hot shooting from Schroder and SGA can’t be relied upon (as much as I love Shai and his amazing jersey to letter value).

Dallas was able to pull away late, but the first half was very tic for tat. This game featured the return of newly minted Jordan Brand athlete Luka Doncic, and in the end the Mavericks were able to secure the win against the Spurs. That being said, Doncic still has a ton of rust to knock off before I feel comfortable betting on the Mavs again.

Overall, these middle of the pack teams are hard to predict, even against bad teams.

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