Bet Review (NFL Week 16, 2019)

1) BUF +6.5 @ NE (-105)

My thought behind this bet was that it would be a low scoring, tight affair regardless of the ultimate winner. As such, 6.5 points seemed like a gift. Both teams generally struggled to score, and the game was close until the Patriots scored last in the 4th. The Pats were gifted with a penalty and went for 2, which was a gift for this bet. However, the attempt was successful. I still feel like this was a good bet, and is just another reason to dislike the Patriots.

2) BUF @ NE Under 42.5, SF -.5 vs. LAR (-110)

The Patriots were able to win, but the game total stayed at 41. It’s fortunate the low-scoring portion of my prediction came through on this game.

The 49ers made this one unnecessarily exciting, shooting themselves in the foot several times. Between the San Francisco QB’s propensity to hold the ball for too long, the fading of the vaunted 49ers pass rush, and Jared Goff able to string drives together, the 49ers did just enough to win the game. I’ll likely stay away from the 49ers moving forward as their D-Line is too talented to fade, but the streaky offense is enough to make me want to stay away.

3) PIT @ NYJ Under 37.5 (-110)

I’ve been riding Pittsburgh on the under for a couple weeks now. The defense is just too talented, and the offense is inept. The shuffling of quarterbacks due to injury on the side of the Steelers is unfortunate, but I’ll continue to ride the Steelers while I can. The Jets are streaky, and have nothing to play for. As predicted, the Jets offense had a few bright spots, but was generally kept in check by the Steelers. Opposite, the Steelers failed to produce much of any offense, and the injuries continue to pile up.

4) BAL -10 @ CLE (-105)

One of the two teams to beat the Ravens this year was the Browns back in Week 4. That was a very different Browns team, however the two games started very similarly. The Browns struck first, and the first half was very calm in terms of scoring. Late in the second, the Ravens hit on two quick touchdown drives. From there, the Ravens started to demonstrate why they are the #1 seed in the AFC, and the Browns unravelled in typical fashion.

5) BAL -4 @ CLE, KC SU @CHI (-110)

The Chiefs took control of this game from the start with a revitalized defense. Turbisky wasn’t able to sustain a drive all night, although he did avoid committing a turnover. The Chiefs seem to be getting hot at the right time, and will be a tough out in the playoffs.

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