Bet Review (NBA – Week of Dec. 16, 2019)

1) TOR SU vs. WAS, MIA SU vs. NYK, BOS SU vs. DET (+106)

I was most worried about the Celtics withoit Hayward and Smart, but with Griffin out as well I figured the injuries were a wash. Given home field advantage and what the Celtics have shown thus far, I liked this matchup better than others on the slate. Kemba did his best to make me regret this decision (scoring a paltry 2 points in the game), but Brown and Tatum were able to pick up the slack.

The Heat at home against the hapless Knicks was a gimme. The Wizards made it a lot closer than I expected, but the Raptors were able to outlast.

I was tempted to take the 76ers against a short-handed Mavs team, as well as the Magic at Portland. However, the Sixers basically play the fourth quarter down a man due to Simmons being a max contract liability. The Blazers as well have turned around from their terrible start, and Melo has produced far better results than expected. Despite the current standings, these will be great lessons learned moving forward.

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