Bet Review (NBA – Week of Nov. 25, 2019)

1) BOS SU vs. BYK, TOR SU vs. NYK, LAL SU @ NOP (+110) The Celtics and Raptors pulled through as expected. The energy in Boston alone was enough to win that game, and the Raptors controlled the game from the 2nd quarter onward.

The narrative in my mind in regards to AD’s return to NOLA had a slow start. Coupled with the Pelicans shooting at a torid 80%+ rate from 3 had the Lakers down double digits for most of the game up to the fourth quarter. Anthony Davis needing to go back to the locker room also created a breath-holding moment. Fortunately, Kuzma shot well from 3, and the Lakers bigs bullied their way into enough open shots and free throws gutting out a closer than expected win.

2) LAC SU @ SAS, UTA SU @ MEM, MIA SU vs. GSW (+150)I felt like Conley wouldn’t lose to the Grizzlies twice and with Butler coming back, that was just an odds booster. Kawhi really let me down here, and I’m surprised that the Spurs were able to shut down the Clippers offense with their wealth of weapons. I thought that the Clippers had a chance to pull it back in the fourth, but two quick 3s from the Spurs extinguished that thought quickly. I still believe in the Clippers against bad teams, but the return game narrative and the entire day after the Thanksgiving break being wonky cost me here.

3) BOS SU @ BYK, TOR SU @ ORL, DAL SU @ PHX (+112)The Celtics in the early game underwhelmed significantly. They looked lost on defense against the injury-ridden Nets, and their terrible shooting from 3 hampered any semblance of a comeback attempt. Two other factors, the day after a break league-wide and the recent memory of a defeat on Wednesday fuled heavily on the Nets here.

The Raptors handled business against a undermanned Orlando team as expected from the veteran squad. It will be interesting to see how Orlando bounces back once Gordon and Vucevic return.

While the first half was tight, and the third quarter had some swings, untimatley the talent in Dallas won out with an explosion in the fourth (if only the Clippers could’ve done this against the Spurs).

Two bad breaks in inopportune spots led to losing out on both Friday parlays.

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