Bet Review (NFL Week 12, 2019)

1) SEA +8 @ PHI, MIA +17 @ CLE (-110)The line for Seattle actually started at 2.5, and I almost couldn’t believe it. I almost stayed away from sheer disbelief. I wasn’t sure how the Eagles were going to score, nor was I confident in their secondary. It turned out both of thing things rang true, and the Seahawks handily pulled out the low scoring affair.

I bet on the Dolphins given the depleted Browns defensive line. Unfortunately, the Browns offense found itself this week and took advantage of the Dolphins depleted secondary. Mayfield actually looked like a first round pick, it’s too bad they can’t play the Browns every week. Fitzmagic came through just enough in garbage time for the push, saving the wager.

2) SEA +1 @ PHI (-110)After a day, the Seahawks were still getting a point and I doubled down. The ending line was -2, and I feel like Vegas lost a ton on this game.

3) DEN +4 @ BUF (-115)Silly me, thinking ,” The Bills are the Vikings without the offense”. Last time I doubt elite rusher Josh Allen and the Bills Mafia. As a Niner fan of figured Fangio had a lot of experience scheming for rushing QBs, but I was wrong. Penalties also cost Denver significantly. Not trusting the lesser-Allen or Fangio again.

4) JAX @ TEN Over 41 (-110)Based on Marlon Mack’s performance against the Jaguars last week, I felt a very similar script for Derick Henry was likely. This along with Nick Foles and Jaguars garbage time scoring came through, and the over was hit before the 3rd quarter ended. The Titans looked good, but I’m more sold on the terrible play of the Jaguars.

5) NE -.5 vs. DAL, SF +3 vs. GB (-110)The Niners started out fast and furious with a fumble into a touchdown. From there it was never in doubt with the defense stifling any offense for the entire first half and most of the second. The Niners rushing game was able to restablish itself after 3 weeks away from their comfort zone, and was able to convert on several third downs in the third to drain the clock.

The Patriots missed a pair of field goals in the first half which made the entire game feel much tighter than it should’ve. The difference in this game was the lack of production from Amari Cooper combined with just enough from Tom Brady. The Pats were able to pull out a close one in terrible conditions.

6) BAL -3 @ LAR (-120)Lamar Jackson is just too good. It most seems effortless. This combined with the rejuvenated Ravens defense against a hapless Jared Goff spelt a blowout in the making.

The only question was the magnitude of the blowout. In a word, historic. My only regret is not putting down more/taking the over, especially after the Rams have burned me so many times this year. The Ravens are genuine contenders. However the matchup against the 49ers next week may be a tough one to call, and one to stay away from.

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