Bet Review (NFL Week 10, 2019)

1A/B) NO -6 vs. ATL, BAL @ CIN -3.5 (-110)

NO SU vs. ATL, BAL SU @ CIN, IND SU vs. MIA, TB SU vs AZ (+143)

Lessons Learned:

  • Like an injured animal, don’t look past a team with weapons and nothing to lose like the Falcons.
  • The Ravens arethe real deal, a shame that I grouped them with the Saints both times.
  • Tampa makes things far too close almost regardless of situation.

Verdict: Trust the Ravens, still trust the Saints.

2) BUF +8.5 @ CLE, DET +8.5 @ CHI (-110)

Lessons Learned:

  • Turbisky had his best game of the year and still only put up 20 points.
  • The Bills were victim to the same fate as the Saints. A hopeless team with nothing to lose overperfoming.
  • Backup QB in Detroit was touch-and-go, but did just enough.

Verdict: Take good defenses with cushion over bad offenses. Chicago offense is truly inept.

3) BUF +8.5 @ CLE, LAR +2.5 @ PIT (-110)

Lessons Learned:

  • I don’t understand why the Rams are this bad, coming off a bye too.
  • They had so many chances, and Kupp having 0 receptions is insane.

Verdict: I do not know why I continue to bet on the Rams.

4) DAL -3 vs. MIN (-110)

Verdict: I think this is bad Cowboys more than good Vikings. I still don’t think Kirk thrives in primetime, but no more betting on the Cowboys.

5) IND SU vs. MIA (NFL), PHI SU vs. CHA, MIL SU @OKC, POR SU vs. ATL, LAL SU vs. TOR (+142)

Lessons Learned:

  • Brian Hoyer is worse than I thought.
  • Lakers against a depleted Raptors game seemed safe, but Kuzma and poor shooting tipped the scales.

Verdict: Until Brissett is back the Colts can’t be trusted.

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