Bet Review (NFL Week 9, 2019)

1) JAX +7.5 vs. HOU, CAR +2 vs. TEN (-110)

Lessons Learned:

  • Don’t bet on London games.
  • A Jags rookie QB in a season-defining game is a recipe for disaster.
  • Watson is Wilson levels of miraculous.
  • The Panthers are good against bad teams.

Verdict: Don’t trust the Jaguars, Panthers seem predictable.

2) IND +1 @ PIT (-110)

Lessons Learned:

  • Vinateri’s struggles directly impacted this one as a missed XP and a missed (most likely) game-winning 40-yd fg miss costed the push and the win.
  • Hoyer is not Brissett. Can’t predict injuries.
  • T.Y. was known, but Campbell seemed to be fitting in well-enough with Brissett prior to the injury.

Verdict: The Colts are very well coached. Will continue to take them against bad teams if Brissett is healthy.

3) IND +7 @ PIT, SEA 0 vs. TB (-110)

Lessons Learned:

  • The tease was more for the Seahawks, but ended up being needed for the Colts.
  • The Bucs tend to score high and fast, but then lose in Charger-esque fashion. This combined with the Seahawks odd regular season habit of playing down to opponents necessitated the tease.

Verdict: Seemed safe, but the Seahawks did their best to lose.

4) CLE -4 @ DEN (-110)

Verdict: Don’t trust the Browns. You’d think that defense could take advantage of a backup QB in the midst of a lost season.

5) GB +2.5 @ LAC, NE +2.5 @ BAL (-110)

Lessons Learned:

  • While this was only an away game in name only for the Packers, they started in unexpectedly sloppy fashion.
  • The Chargers seemed reinvigorated rather than lost after firing Whisenhunt.
  • Overreactions to Pats defense being overrated acoming.

Verdict: The Pats will undoubtedly beat the Ravens in the playoffs. The Chargers are more of a wild card than ever.

6) NE +2.5 @ BAL, DAL -1 @ NYG (-110)

Verdict: Rode the Pats one week too long. Cowboys sloppy in primetime.

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