Bet Review (NBA – Week of Oct. 28, 2019)

1) SF SU @ AZ, MIA SU @ ATL, LAC SU @ SAS, NAS SU vs. CAL (+317)

Lessons Learned:

  • SF winning against Arizona for the first time in years got close, but ultimately pulled through.
  • Between the Kawhi revenge game and the Heat surging/Trae limping out the NBA portion of this parlay easily pulled through.
  • The Flames came back from 1-4 to win 6-5 with 1.4 seconds remaining in OT. A very flukey way to lose this one.

Verdict: Would take this one again.

2) SAS SU @ GSW, BOS SU vs. NYK, UTA SU @ SAC (+140)

Lessons Learned:

  • Mike Conley still needs some time to gel, and the Kings had a certain desperation to their game after losing 5 straight.
  • The Spurs coaching is too much for the Dubs “talent” to overcome.
  • Celtics made it much closer than predicted, but the better team prevailed.

Verdict: Don’t underestimate chemistry and desperation.

3) DEN -4 @ ORL (-105)

Verdict: Jokic is out of shape, but the Magic are streaky. Denver will improve as the season goes on, but I predict a lot of close games for the next month or so.

4) CHA -2.5 @ GSW 1st Half (-115)

Verdict: Don’t trust the Hornets under any circumstance.

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