Bet Review (NBA – Week of Oct. 21, 2019)

1) POR -1.5 @ SAC (-110)

  • Bagley out last minute was a last minute lean towards the Blazers.
  • Kings need more time to gel before their fast paced style can really flourish.
  • Dame always plays well in his homestate.

Verdict: The Kings need a larger line.

2) MIL -5.5 vs. MIA, BOS -0.5 @ NYK, IND -0.5 @ CLE (+150)

  • The Bucks choked down the stretch.
  • Spo will always run a tight ship regardless of personnel.
  • The Knicks are bad, and will continue to be bad. #SelltheTeam.
  • The Pacers need time to build chemistry, and are definitely coming off an offseason high.

Verdict: Got too bold, too early.

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