What I Just Watched: Consistency

In my mind, all media can be judged in a few key ways. As I begin to journalize and chronicle my experiences in media consumption I thought it be wise to give a framework and structure to each post. I thought about what I always reflect on on after the fact, and it boiled down to a few consistent criteria:

  • Plot and Story – The most significant driver here being agency, “why should I care”. This can even extend to the manufactured storylines in sports used to add tension and sensationalize the game. It can even be as simple as following through with a tantalizing video title. Without delivering on these elements all media feels empty, and fails to deliver a meaningful experience.
  • Performance and Execution – This category is equally as important as the last. Without a convincing performance, or skillful excecution of a plan, even the most interesting stories can be rendered unengaging and meaningless.
  • Intangibles – Sometimes, beyond all objective judgement, personal bias can prevail and lead to enjoyment of an experience. Be it a fandom, a favorite author, or nostalgia, sometimes these simply overules logic.

These will be the 3 criteria that I’ll judge everything that I watch by. I may or may not give a rating each time, but I’m hoping this will provide a thread of comparability to return to down the road.


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